Help! I’ve been Hooked!

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t like an anal probe, or anything.

My blog is called The Nicki Daniels Interview and no one has asked me any fucking questions! Until now. Mosey on over to 5×5 with The Hook and read my very first interview HERE. Revel in my awesome and while you’re there, check out the archives to meet some other great bloggers.

This week on the NDI we’re getting back to fun time, ya’ll. It’s been entirely too somber around here and I’m over it! so bookmark this page and come back tomorrow, because I’m delivering the smackdown to the Brony movement.  It’s gonna be a cloppin’ good time! Friday is part 2 of Time Travel with Nicki where I will tell a harrowing tale about the time I met a serial killer on Craigslist.

Shameless plug, over.

Mmmm….fish sticks….



  • mmmmm fish sticks. Takes me back to my dysfunctional childhood in the trailer park. As long as I don’t have ketchup with them my PTSD stays at bay. My husband makes fun of me because I get excited when we’re low on groceries and I throw together what I’ve dubbed as a “white trash” feast. Fish sticks are usually the feature piece and everything else can usually be cooked in the toaster oven or microwave.

    Wow, this comment did not start out to be an ode to fish sticks but I think it just did. Great to see someone finally did a Q&A with you. Your writing is telling enough (and hilariously dead on btw) but I always enjoy interviews with interesting people.

    • Those are the Bronies I’m talking about! Wait, is there another kind of Brony out there? I don’t want to know. I’m already scared to death.

    • samara, that particular show is done by the creator of the Powerpuff Girls, and I loved the Powerpuff Girls. I wanted to be Professor Utonium, with three kick-ass daughters. (Yes, before you point it out, I do have ONE kick-ass daughter.)

      Anyways, my understanding is that the show is pretty good, and better than some of the really brainless cartoon shows of the ’80s that were basically long toy commercials– INCLUDING the original My Little Pony show.

  • Yes, please, I vote for fun. I get enough conflict in my everyday dealings. Thank you.

    I listen to the Howard Stern radio show and they sent a “correspondent” to interview some Bronys at a Brony convention in Philadelphia. Hilarity ensued. The best part is that I don’t have too feel like such a fucking misfit anymore. Turns out I’m kinda normal.

      • She’s alive! She lives! It makes me very happy to see you in a light mood. Go outside for a little walk if you can. It’s actually quite lovely in the sun. It’s good for your spirits. Back to the deep freeze for us tomorrow, though.

  • I never heard of this Brony movement, but whatever it is, a Nicky Daniels Smackdown of it should be good. (By the way, maybe that should be the name of the blog – as you said, no one is asking you any questions anyway)

    • Yeah, but then sometimes I’ll have a day when I feel like being really nice, and The Nicki Daniels Smackdown with Moments of Vulnerable Sincerity isn’t very catchy.

  • I made your blog a short cut on my desk top so I can IMMEDIATELY go right to it! I only put the stuff I really love on my desktop. Like the Papa John’s delivery number, The Bloggess, a job résumé from 2002, and a picture of French actress Jenna Thiam because she’s so fucking beautiful I want to crawl into a closet and eat three packs of Oreos in shame because I’ll never look like her.

  • You got me at anal probe. Never heard of this Hook person, but I’m intrigued about the interview.

    Yes, please destroy the sombre mood – I figure you’re good for that. Although serial killers are not often a source of hilarity.

  • mmmmm fish sticks!!! hhahahaha. You have no idea how this image brightened my fuckin day, Nicki Daniels Superstar. I want to make a shirt that says that. It will have filet o fish and tartar sauce screen printed on.

    • I wish I could say it was, Speaker. I have been doing HOURS of research on Bronies this week and my dismay grows with each new fact I learn.

    • Ey speaker… being a bit of a fanboy, married to a fangirl, with a fangirl of a daughter…

      I can tell you it’s the clusterfuck of fanboy and fangirl worlds. Well, that’s how I think of it, anyways. BUT it is better than slash, and yaoi, and yiff, and White Wolf World of Darkness LARP, and so many things that I have witnessed that I assure you that you will not be able to bleach your brain enough of.

      Creepy Valentines with fanfic of Snape buggering Harry Potter, for one. There, that should get the brain bleach flowing.

  • You’re taking on the Brony movement?
    And you thought the facial hair post was volatile…
    Good luck with that, Nicki.
    I’ll say this: You have moxie to spare, girl. I’m looking forward to your future.
    Thanks for being a part of my campaign to spread positive energy across the web like a money shot in a Bree Olson flick.
    Forget the One True Ring, YOU rule them all, Nicki Daniels.

  • Was the fishsticks and hooked reference a nod to that episode of Spongebob? Because that would be hilarious. Good ups on you getting interviewed, all professional-like. 🙂

  • I hear that only socially inappropriate people with vast personal issues get Hooked. Hmm… I’ll have to go read in order to test this theory further.

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